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 Our goal

is to introduce the joy and pleasure in the heart of every child

 Company Overview

Here you can shop the most famous TOYS Brands for your Babies , Boys and Girls of all ages !!


1- Browse our collection catalog in page's photos.

2-Comment under the picture u need.

3- Fill this form to save your data :



    Send your name, address & cell phone number in aprivate message to Ingy Omar

4- You'll pay the total of your order cash on Delivery to the delivery Guy.( No Deposits required)

5- A confirmation call is a must to confirm your orders.

6- You'll receive a message on facebook with your order summery .



 - Please allow 2-4 days for delivery.

 - Local delivery costs inside Egypt are paid by custome, about 10 to 25 according to weight and distance ( for all your order, not for each item).

 - Delivery possible to Alex & Cairo. For other destinations , please contact us.



 - Orders with no Confirmation will be canceled.!!

 - Orders cannot be returned or exchanged (except the available items)


 General Information:

   Mob: 01014871643

  FaceBook page : Toys are Treasures