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Rekaaz Islamic Nursery


Rekaaz nursery will be please Allah aza wa jal by raising our children correctly from the moment they are born insha'Allah.

Our program

will insha'Allah provide pathways to raising children who love Allah and His Messenger (sallallaahu alayhi wa salam).


Rekaaz provides quality academic fun education system in an environment infused with high morals & Islamic values, as we aim to bring up a generation of Muslims leaders.



Welcome to Rekaaz which is created with the belief that by helping our Muslims sons to connect with their inner truth as a Khalifah of Allah and helping them to really understand who they are, we can enrich their lives and the lives of their families, and in turn this will make a positive impact on our society and the world in which we live.

Acknowledging the needs of the professional Muslim community that wish to have an atmosphere that motivates and generates the young mind to learn English and Arabic language & providing a safe environment that promotes an Islamic way of life has moved us.

We have a small family environment, so we are able to give more than enough love and attention that each child needs to thrive and develop his/her unique personality.


Core Values

Our core value is adherence to Qur’an and Sunnah, as reflected in: quality; unity; respect; sincerity; integrity.


Rekaaz meaning in the language

- Gold, silver and precious metals buried in the ground.

- Thing fixed and firm in the ground.


We believe that children brought up in an Islamic environment will Mashallah thrive and grow, like the palm trees that survive in the desert sun with strong roots from the Islamic way of life that we strive to live each day in the nursery. It that emphasise the importance of cultivating the inner child of every children by inculcating their understanding and acceptance that they are born as KHALIFAH of ALLAH and with that position they have OBLIGATION of being good to themselves, to people around them and to their environment

The Soul of your child is like an uncut precious jewel entrusted into your care by Allah. To you is given the awesome responsibility of shaping that precious jewel into a beautiful form, pleasing to Allah.

Therefore, ‘Rekaaz’ is the dream of our founder to assist in nurturing the inner child of every student to be the highest quality of Muslim leaders since childhood. We ask Allah aza wa jal to accept this humble effort from us and place it on our scale of good deeds on Yaum-ul-Qiyama. Ameen.



148 B Hadayk El-Ahram, first gate (khofo), first right from Gardenia Street., Gîza, Al Jizah, Egypt


Contact us:

Mob: 0111 245 88 99 - 0100 779 85 63


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