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Sesame Club


Sesame club's mission is to help parents fulfill their dream in bringing up a child that is physically strong, emotionally aware, socially interactive, and intellectually competent.

To achieve this, we deploy the best techniques in teaching our kids in a joyful & relaxing atmosphere.

Our philosophy is strongly against heavy curriculums that are too stressful for our kids. It burdens them and neglects their need to act freely and with creativity. We understand that they will soon experience a demanding learning environment at school, and that is why we want them to learn at sesame club at their own pace.

They will develop confidence and understand the normal differences between them. Each child is special in his/her own way and we cherish and love each child as he/she is.

We encourage all families' involvement and care in choosing a place where their kids can play, learn, explore, and grow in a safe, exciting and healthy environment.


Contact us:

Nasr city Branch:

42 Al Khalifa Al amer St,

Tel: 24015789 - 01067557570

Heliopolis Branch:

8 Kom ombo st,

Tel: 26344333 - 01061400004

Maadi Branch:

7 El horia Sq

Tel: 27508127 - 01061202777

Our Store:

10 Ali Ameen St, Nasr City

22628992 / 3


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